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Reduce window clutter in debug mode

If you use the NI proposed way of creating Sub-VIs for functions (which is good), debugging soon becomes a nightmare with every VI opening two windows, one of which is mostly not needed (the front panel). It would be great if LV gave us an option saying "Do not open front panels when debugging", which would only open the block diagram. Instead of the front panel you could only offer a list of all input/output controls (and maybe their values), and you could put this list in the same window for all open VIs (in some organized way - maybe similar to probe window). That way all front panels would only take up one window instead of many.
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Knight of NI

There are already a number of ideas regarding allowing us to open the BD window without the FP window. None of them are exactly like this, but I think they're similar enough.


Incidentally, you can probably partially implement this yourself today by creating the watch window yourself as a VI with a subpanel. You can place any VI into the subpanel and the subpanel can be configured to allow you to open the BD independently.

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