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Reduce Steps to install Labview and simplify installer options

Status: New

Our facility runs only one version of labview at a time and that majority of time for installing a new version is spent removing the old version.   A check box on the installer to remove or update the previous version would be a great addition.  In recognizing that several companies must support multiple versions of labview removing the previous version should just be an option, not required. 2nd having the option to select all toolkits and addons to install from the first disk then just a prompt for the other install disks as needed would really speed up the install process as well.

Proven Zealot

IT would also be cool if the installer could find out what licenses I have by entering the serial number.  I hate installing things I thought I had a license for but didn't in the end....

Trusted Enthusiast

There are two big problems with installing a new version of LabVIEW.


1. It takes 3+ hours to install the Developer Suite (addons, etc...)

2. You must be at your desk for the entire install due to periodic user interaction.


Really, the bigger problem is #2. If I could configure the entire installation process, click on the "Let 'er Rip" button, come back 3 hours later and start pounding away with my shiny new updated version, I would feel less frustrated and be more productive. Bottom line, I like LabVIEW more, and it's costing me less to use.

Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEWDeploy, by Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEW
Active Participant

Excellent comment Intaris. I'd like to see some indication next to the checkbox that I own (or don't own) a module / SW / toolkit before I click on it.


Knight of NI