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Randomize Array

Status: New

A common need that comes up is the ability to randomize an array, yet there is no primitive that handles this. There are of course a few homebrew solutions, but it's tough to beat a primitive that accepts any dimension or datatype in terms of syntax and execution speed!




Note: This is not an Idea to create an array of random numbers, it only deals with taking an already initialized array and scrambling the locations of the elements.

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Proven Zealot

Ok. You asked. Here you go:

Now available for download: Randomize 1D that accepts any array type


I just posted this to the LabVIEW Developers Feature Brainstorming forum. It's a good test of something that's been bubbling in the R&D stew for a while. If you find it helpful, I'll check into adding it to the palettes in LV 2011.

Active Participant

The Riffle function solution requires the Full Development System. Smiley Sad


This sort operation seems generic enough to me that it should be part of the base package. As long as the Randomize 1D doesn't require the FDS, it would be nice to have on the palettes for LV 2011.

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