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Quick VI finder for warnings/errors in errorlist

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I want to find warnings in an opened VI. For example, a function has moved outside the case or loop structure and is not visible anymore. I call the error list STRG +L and give the show warnings a TRUE. I double click on the specific warning and I get the invisible VI or function highlighted, so I can move it back into the visible area by keys. The problem is, I always have to find the VI in a list of approx. 1000 VIs, which have a warning. It would be great if I would have a search by name function, or I could see the warning/errors of the active VI window. 

I have attached an example picture of what I mean (I use a german version) 





Proven Zealot

Embedded image:


Proven Zealot

If you click the (broken) run arrow, the error dialog will jump to the errors of that VI. 


If you click an error in the error dialog, the VI will be opened, and will jump to the error.


The filter on VI names might be useful, although I usually scroll up to the VIs with a red cross, and there usually are just a few.




yes, if you have an error this will work as you describe it. But what if you don't have an error and you only want to see the warnings of the VI you are working on, like the hidden object problem, which happens occasionally by resizing case structures. I work with large projects and scrolling down is frustrating because nothing is in alphabetical order and almost every VI has some kind of "warning".

I usually produce an error like putting an ADD with quick drop in the block diagram, so the VI jumps to the top of the error list, but this does not feel correct.

I would even be pleased by the alphabetical order. This should be doable  😉


Proven Zealot

Thanks for the clarification.


Honestly, I gave up on warnings decades ago 🙄.


I would opt for a way to deal with warnings (as much as possible) the same as errors.


>I would even be pleased by the alphabetical order. This should be doable  


That puzzled me too.