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Public Folder for Icon Templates in new Icon Editor

Status: New

I would like a public folder to be used as the default storage for the Icon Editor




At least a public folder it looks to as well as <osdatadir>:\Icon Templates.


The reason for this is I would like to install icon templates as packages using VIPM/OGPB.

The current user-specific location of <osdatadir>:\Icon Templates does not suit this framework for managing packages.

Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion
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There is an update for the LV 2009 icon editor (posted Sept 14, 2009) available here:


This update incorporates many suggestions that we got right off the bat from users and fixes a number of reported bugs.


An entire discussion forum exists for discussions about improving/extending the Icon Editor. It can be found here:

Active Participant

Thanks for posting AQ. You can see from the history of the discussion forum that I was one of the first to post, and after discussing the above with NI (Th Sa), LAVA and JKI,  I decided to make this a request on the Idea Exchange forum. I also have the upgrade, as I also posted about this problem as well.


I was able to create a successful workaround and made a OGPB package that installs the icons via install scripts, as the default directory is not supported in VIPM nor OGPB.


It would still be cool (and easier) if there was a public folder that was not User/OS dependent - maybe under the LabVIEW directory structure??


Just so I could better manage the icons. 





Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion
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Not sure what you mean by public folder. <osdatadir> is public.

Michael Aivaliotis
VI Shots LLC
Active Participant

Hi Michael, thanks for posting!

To clarify, I mean that <osdatadir> is user dependent, meaning when it gets resolved it is set to that current user and not some common folder.

Sorry for the confusion, maybe common is a better term than public when discussing folders???


I am talking of common/public folder e.g. <application> or <vi.lib> whereby any user logged in is accessing the same folder. 


Anyways, this makes distributing packages tricky (altho I have the workaround):

a) As the location will be different on each PC

b) <osdatadir> is not supported by OGPB/VIPM


I hope this makes sense





Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion