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Provide access to high resolution graph export

When I print a front panel containing a graph (who ever does that?) I get a stunningly beautiful publication-quality render of my data (overlooking the poorly done vertical y-axis label). However, all the many options of directly exporting a graph image (detailed here) ultimately provide only a screen-resolution image. See the contrast in image quality below:


Comparison.pngPrinted front panel vs exported graph image.

This idea has been discussed ad infinitum on the forum (see, for example, here, here, herehere, and here), but has never been adequately resolved. (Enlarging the graph for export does not work since graph elements do not scale, so lines, points and labels end up being far too small.) High time to implement a feature that has been in demand since (at least) 2002!

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Any thoughts on the file\format of that export then?


The existing options (.bmp when we Copy Data, or the "image data" returned by Get Image, which can then be converted to .jpeg, .png and .bmp), are all fine. I'm not asking for anything complex, just a high resolution (300/600 dpi instead of 72 dpi) export of the clearly available image data. Of course, the idea could be extended to an overhaul of the Export Simplified Image options, which provide for vector formats (.eps and .emf) that are not presently utilised. Or for full control, a "resolution" parameter could be added to the Get Image method.


I'm afraid I know the answer will be: not in LabVIEW, use NXG. But I will add kudos.


The Print.Panel To Printer invoke node prints with high DPI, so you could try that, although it will only print to a printer and not an image. But it does not always do the same as the menu function, the graphics can be corrupted if I have something on top of the graph, in this case a string ("20") with custom graphics, which renders a black box on the graphics and the scale label:
graph print bug.PNG

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