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Provide Quick Drop option to only show project items in "active" project

In addition to displaying the names of all palette items, Quick Drop will also display the names of all VIs, classes, typedefs, etc., that are present in all currently-open projects. It has been suggested to me that we should provide a configuration option in Quick Drop to only display project items from the currently "active" project, to avoid potential cross-linking issues that can stem from accidentally dropping an object from one project into a VI that is open under another project.

DNatt, LV R&D

I don't think I ever want to QD across projects and the ability to do so is (to me) a supreme nuisance, rather than a feature.

Proven Zealot

Just want to mention that with two projects with the same name, the QD indeed shows two names for each function. But what is worse: no matter which you pick, it doesn't work. Last tested in LV13...


Why would I want two projects with the same name? For instance to (manually) compare two versions from two SCC revisions.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: In Development
DNatt, LV R&D