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Property nodes should default to "write"

Status: New
The vast majority of times I place a property node onto a block diagram it is to write to the property.  Having the default direction of property nodes being "write" would save much time having to change them from their default "read" direction.

I agree, but if you do this dropping a property node onto a diagram will always break the code. This was probably the reason for making them read by default.

Active Participant
I'd prefer it to stay the way it is, but, if it were to be implemented, I think it should be user-configurable (maybe in the Tools>Options dialog).

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Knight of NI

I think dropping the property node on the diagram and having it break the code is a good thing.  It forces you to do something with it, either wire it up, or turn it to read which is the less often used mode.  There are lots of other LabVIEW functions that cause broken code until you wire up some required inputs.


It's kind of like having tunnels be Use Default if Unwired.  It is much safer for a tunnel to not be Use Default.  That way you don't miss wiring a case where you should.  The tunnel will cause broken code forcing you to find all the unwired cases and actively fix the code, or you can change it to Use Default, at which time you've actively decided that it is the correct behavior for your program

Proven Zealot
Why not do it like the boolean constants.  Have one palette entry for read and one for write.
Proven Zealot

>>I agree, but if you do this dropping a property node onto a diagram will always break the code. This was probably the reason for making them read by default.



I agree too. 

Active Participant
I also agree
Visualize the Solution


I prefer them to be Write.  Since the agreements are not clear on this issue, (crelf had it right) make it user-configurable.  This make everybody happy.
Active Participant

I totally agree with changing the default to write. I think this will cover the vast majority of use cases. I can live with having this configurable as an ini option though.


Alternatively, if this is not done, I would suggest to flip the "Change all to write" with the "change to write" in order for it to be the first item to select to convert a read to a write (without impacting any other properties in the node).

property node.png |

Trusted Enthusiast

I am about 60/40 Write/Read so either way I am not totally happy, I would be *much* happier if there were an easier way to change.  Changing the order of the right-click menu is hit-or-miss, where you land in there is dependent upon where you are on your screen.  Near the top, you hit Change All.., near the middle you hit close to Change To (thank you), near the bottom you end up in no-mans-land.


I would like (in order of preference)

1.  Auto-adapt, if I feed it a source make it Write, if I feed it a sink make it Read

2.  Call Library Function type behavior (with  Name Format set to Names), a terminal on both ends.  Nice if it would treat unwired inputs as Read-Only.  I don't think it hurts to have an unwired read, plus it could be a nice pass-through for the written value.

3.  Greatly simplified method of changing, (ie. target zone with smaller right-click menu, maybe one choice)

4.  Separate Menu options for Property Node (Read) and Propery Node (Write)

5.  INI setting to choose default behavior

6.  Change the Default to Write (this idea)

7.  No change.

Message Edited by Darin.K on 11-24-2009 01:10 PM
Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Kudos to Darin's proposal 1 and 2.