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Property/invoke nodes and vi.lib VIs that can't be used in an EXE should be visually distinct

Status: New

I wanted to use a property node in an application today. I happened to have the Help context up and it showed "Run-Time Engine: No". But I could easily have missed that and not discovered the issue until much later, after building a lot of code and wasting time.


If the node had an obvious indication as soon as you put it on the block diagram - for example, a different color - that would help a lot and potentially save a lot of headache.


It should also be noted that said property node doesn't return an error when run from an EXE either so could be even harder to find.

Active Participant

Or even have an option, like for VI scripting:



If I'm writing for runtime, why even show those?


Certified LabVIEW Architect
Proven Zealot

Some property\methods marks as "not available in RTE" do work, but do work in the RTE.


I just hope that those get marked correctly, and don't get hidden.

Proven Zealot

BTW. This rings a bell. It was suggested before (can't find it though). I think the conclusion was that if "available in RTE" was marked, why "not available on real time", "available remotely", etc.?


Available in Run-Time Engine Yes
Available in Real-Time Operating System Yes
Settable when the VI is running Yes
Loads the front panel into memory No
Need to authenticate before use No
Loads the block diagram into memory No
Remote access allowed Yes
Must wait until user interface is idle No
Available with control VIs Yes
Available with global VIs Yes
Available with strict type definitions No
Available with polymorphic VIs Yes


IIRC, the conclusion was that available in RTE is just one property, and the idea to visually indicate this wouldn't scale up for all properties.


Of course available in RTE is on top...