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Probes for Loop Iteration

I would like the ability to probe the loop iteration terminal ("i" in For and While Loops) without the need to wire it to something (indicator, edge of structure,...).

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Knight of NI

The i terminal is the most common use case for this, but this will probably be useful on any unwired output.


The main problem I see with this is that it has some performance implications. Currently, if LabVIEW sees code which has all its outputs unused, it ignores it when compiling the VI. I would say that if this takes too much effort, special code should be written to support just the i terminal as early as possible.

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If there are performance issues, it could be off by default and only available if we enable "deep probing" or similar. It could be part of the "retain wire values" option.

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LOL, If I remember right, this feature request was mentioned on a wish list on infoLabVIEW (or similar) sometime in the last century. Smiley Very Happy

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I can't count how many times I've wanted this myself.  This would be great.
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Great suggestion. I frequently need to see the value of the loop "i" terminal.

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Great suggestion !


the way I currently do this is to wire the i terminal to the bottom of the loop



EDIT:  Sorry I just read your post more closely and this is what you already do

Message Edited by James R on 06-03-2009 02:52 PM
- James

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You should be able to do relatively easily using a combination of the JKISoft RCF ( ) and the JKISoft WireNuts ( ).

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NI Employee

Great idea!


The biggest need for this is at run time, when you cannot wire. 

Chris Bolin
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>>>The biggest need for this is at run time, when you cannot wire


totally agree. kudos

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May 28, 2003: LAVA LabVIEW Feature Suggestions: Michael Aivaliotis

Probe loop iteration terninal in for and while loops


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