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Prevent overlapping objects

Is there any instance where it's good/ok to overlap objects? It should be prevented by LV. If you drop an object on top of another object it should move it as needed to prevent overlapping.


It'd be similar to the Auto grow, but would apply to all moved/placed objects.



More by chance than anything i noticed a strange look on one VI in an old project and after a short investigation it turned out there were 2 VI's on top of each other! One had no inputs connected and this could explain some behaviours we've seen before, as this results in a race condition where one uses the default values.


At some time this VI was probably moved with Ctrl pressed as part of cleaning up the diagram ... had this suggestion been in place it'd have placed itself to the side clearly showing there were two!




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The "story" is not particularly illustrative, as you would have easily caught the problem if the VI's inputs had been set to "required".