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Option to Add LabVIEW Project Library To Parent Library and Set Scope in Source Distribution Build Spec

Using the LabVIEW 2009 Build Spec (as an example) allows you to add a Destination to a Library which is very handy, as it means you can namespace VIs at build-time.


I would like to take this a step forward and then be able to set that new Library as a Sub-Library of another Library that already exists in the Project.

I would then want to be able to set the scope of this Sub-Library as well (relative to its now, Parent).


This combined with my Locking State Idea would allow be create a Distribution that would hide and protect a Support VI Library

As the Sub-Library would be Private Scoped (from above) and the Parent Library would be set Locked (does not show Private Members).


I currently can implement this using Scripting but it would be nice to have it native.







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DNatt, LV R&D