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Option Dialog-like VI Properties Dialog

Status: Duplicate


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It's yet another one of those "Oh, duh" things that'll make like a little better.

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@lvABC wrote:

Did you check this Dany Allard's idea?

Kudos for all! Smiley Happy Let's do this idea a favor and not mark it as "Duplicate" quite yet, to allow it gain a little traction, yeah?


This was on my "backlog" of ideas; and will gladly mark it off since there are two very-well illustrated exising ideas!
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Obviously my searches for the same idea wasn't enough. My apologies.  As Dany Allard and smmarlow illustrated at the original thread (better than mine!), we should make that happen.
People who are about to Kudo this post, please jump to the original idea thread and do it Smiley Wink

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Status changed to: Duplicate