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Opt out permanently from "maintain wires connected"

Status: New

Please let me opt out from this new feature, introduced in LabVIEW 2017, permanently in the setup dialog.

Using LabVIEW for a very long time (since LabVIEW 2.0), I never wished such a feature (it got only 27 Kudoes) - and - I am even using it's "anti feature", implemented up to now, constructively to detach objects (Pull control into a structure, connect it to the new target - and "Ctrl B").

This new feature, forced onto everybody, would be less annoying, if pressing "W" would reliably disable the feature. However,  at least in vritual windows machines (Parallels) on a Mac, it does not work 50% of the time.



I just switched from LabView 2016 to 2018 and apart from the new exe icon and ugly NXG controls, this ultra annoying feature is the only new thing I see so far. This "hold W while dragging" doesn't work when dragging multiple objects. Would be better to hold W to enable it instead or let us disable it completely in settings. I can see it being helpful in some cases, but most of the time it is creating more work than before it was introduced. Now if I want to get something out of a structure I must disconnect it completely first or use cut and paste.


A reminder for everyone who is unhappy about this feature. To deactivate it, just add the following line to LabVIEW.ini file:


DragAutoWire = False




When you drag in or out of a structure, you don't want to hold <W>. You want to press and release it once. That changes modes (similar to how pressing <SPACE> or <A> switches wire routing methods while you are connecting a wire).


If you are holding <SHIFT> to move in cardinal directions, you have to let go of <SHIFT> before pressing <W> once. If you keep holding <SHIFT>, you can't disable the auto-wiring. Once you let go of <SHIFT>, you can toggle auto-wiring using <W>.


There is an argument to be made that maybe the instructions for this feature should be more fleshed-out; I also wouldn't be opposed to an option to default it to off for those who can't get it to work right for them. But once you understand it it is really not that complicated. I actually use it a lot!

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As already stated, you do not "hold W while dragging".  You will actually have a 50/50 shot of it doing what you want when you do that since the feature actually uses a polling mechanism (I think I was told 100ms poll rate) and if "w" is pressed it toggles the flag.  So you just need to press w just like if you were typing.


I will just add that just from doing some forum work this morning, that I used the maintain wires connected about 50% of the time.  But I am still doing active development in 2016, so I have not pain much attention so far.

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Hi everyone. i've just disabled this annoying "feature". noone is pointing out the impressive decrease in performace while copying something with ctrl+drag bringing to lag in the UI? absolute garbage. (i79700k + 32G of ram + everithing else needed)

and national tell me to check if my pc do not meet the minimum pc requirement to solve this problem... 🤣


i would like to know on what kind of project NI works... a+b=c think will be the most difficult vi they work in...


thanks for the labview.ini key.


best regards.




The "absolute garbage" feature you are referring to comes in handy quite often for me. It's fine to take issue with the performance while using it, and wish the option to disable it was easier to access (in the settings). But know that there are some out here who actually appreciate this feature and are OK with toggling it at will using the 'W' key.