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Onscreen tool for zoom in block diagram and a tool for making another VI/Type Def/global control(front panel/block diagram) to be floating while we are working in another VI in full screen

#1. So, I would like to see a zoom in/out tool on the LabVIEW BD panel. Its very hard while working large multiscreen codes and sometimes it's not possible for a wide monitor with high resolution.


#2. Another tool I want to recommend is to have a docking tool on VI/Type Def/Global Control FP so as to see the control and contents while in the background we can work on another VI.

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Docking tool to be usedDocking tool to be usedFloating window on which docking tool to be usedFloating window on which docking tool to be used

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I know for sure #1 is completed in NGX.  I believe #2 is as well (It has been too long since I messed with NXG).

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#1 has been suggested numerous times before and should be considered a duplicate of



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