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Noncommercial Hobby/Home license for LabVIEW

Status: Completed

LabVIEW Home Bundle is now available for personal, non-commercial use. Initially, it will be available for sale through Digilent. See product page for more details.

It has come up in discusssions that NI does not really cater to hobbyists. A cheap and functional version of LabVIEW is limited to the student edition, which is restricted to a small subset of potential users.


 From the  FAQ:

"The LabVIEW Student Edition is available to students, faculty, and staff for personal educational use only. It is not intended for research or institutional use."


As a suggested first step, I suggest to remove the academia restriction and mold it into a new product:


--- LabVIEW personal edition ---


Licensed as follows:

"The LabVIEW Personal Edition is for personal use only. It is not intended for commercial, research or institutional use."


 It would be available to anyone for noncommercial home use.


LabVIEW currently has the home use exemption that allows installing a copy at home. Unfortunately, if you lose your job, you not only lose your health insurance, but you also lose access to LabVIEW, thus hampering any self paced LabVIEW tinkering that possibly would improve future job prospects. I am sure many retired LabVIEW engineers would love some recreational LabVIEW use. They could be a great asset, because they will have more time helping out in the community and forums. They could even give guest presentations at user group meetings, for example.


The LabVIEW personal edition should include all modules of interest to the hobbyist, including application builder, embedded, FPGA, and robotics.  We should be able to distribute built applications as freeware. Support would be limited to community support.


Installing LabVIEW on every single private home computer in the world would cost NI exactly nothing (except for some sales of the current student edition which is about the price of a textbook, some internet bandwidth, and loss of the zero to two (?) multi-millionaires who actually bought the NI developer suite for themselves. ;)). 99.9% of users would never touch it, but that 0.1% could come up with great new application areas and would help spread the word on how great LabVIEW really is. Soon 0.2% would use it. 🙂


It should follow the "customer class limited" Freemium model, (as defined by Chris Anderson), i.e. limited to personal home use in this case.


The running applications should be clearly identified to prevent commercial use. The splash screen and "about" screen should prominently display the words LabVIEW and National Instruments and could even be used for NI advertising and product placements, for example.



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The Sparkfun bundle is a great deal. It's LabVIEW 2010 Student Editon. Student Edition is essentially LabVIEW Full edition (same VIs). The Sparkfun bundle is for US/Canada only but if you apply then you should grab it if possible.


The tie in with Sparkfun is to be commended and I am pleased that at least some people will have access to LV at a "hobby" level price. Naturally I am very unhappy that the offer is restricted to USA & Canada. I personally cannot see the logic behind this, why deny the software to the rest of the world ?. The point has already been made regarding providing LV at a low cost leading to an immediate increase in sales of DAQ hardware. There must be many people out there chomping at the bit for this to happen but NI seem to be a bit stubborn at present.


I keep my fingers crossed that NI will open up this offer to all.


If there are any sound reasons as to why this cannot/will not happen can someone please post a reply.

Active Participant

I'm thrilled to announce that LabVIEW Home Edition is available now!  We also have a new community, LabVIEW MakerHub, designed to inspire, enable, challenge, and support makers using LabVIEW.  


Let us know what you think!


-Sam K

Knight of NI

I've seen the recent posts about the Home edition, but haven't had the time to dig into the details yet.  It seems pretty promising.


I'm wondering if that product means that this idea thread which has been very popular with post kudoes and posts is really no longer "declined", but could now be considered "complete".   Smiley Happy

Active Participant

The LabVIEW Home Bundle includes:


  • LabVIEW Full Development System
  • LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module
  • LabVIEW MathScript RT Module

All licensed for non-commercial, personal use use.  There is no expiration and there is a LabVIEW Home Edition watermark.   This thread contains some more discussion.


-Sam K

NI Employee
Status changed to: Completed

LabVIEW Home Bundle is now available for personal, non-commercial use. Initially, it will be available for sale through Digilent. See product page for more details.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Nice to read that the LabVIEW Home Bundle for Windows is available !

Thank you Christian (altenbach) for this great idea.


Thanks altenbach! For everyone looking where to buy it from: LabVIEW Home Edition Bundle

Proven Zealot

The LabVIEW Community Edition 2020 is now live for download.

Free and licensed for non-commercial use, with all the drivers needed to talk to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBoards. Details here.


We marked this idea as "Completed" in the past. Today's release is likely more what a lot of folks had in mind for this request.