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No Prompt for "Open/Create/Replace File" function Mac 2016 2017

Status: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 654024

Unbelievably NI has introduced a bug into LV 2016 whereas the "Open/Create/Replace File" function does not display the input prompt to the user.  In fact no File I/O functions will display the inputed prompt.  Worse yet there are no prompts for finding or opening files within LabView itself.  Try opening a vi, there is no prompt whatsoever.  In previous versions of LabView there is a prompt telling the user what to do.  e.g. "Select File to Open"


This is very bothersome when you open a vi that cannot find a called vi.  Prior to 2016 there would be a prompt telling the user what vi it is looking for.  Now you are left to guess what vi Labview cannot find.


This is a huge problem for me as I prompt the user to find files and folders in a  great deal of my code.  If I were to upgrade to 2016 I would have to go through 100's of vi's and add dialogs telling the user what to do prior to calling any File I/O functions.


The most disturbing aspect of this issue is that NI did not fix this bug prior to releasing 2017.  It is beyond me how this bug could have made it to another version.  This bug alone requires a fix and an upgrade for both 2016 and 2017 immediately.

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Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 654024

DNatt, NI