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New "Close all executing VI's" menu item in Labview ...

Status: New



It would be nice to add a new menu item in Labview IDE, which could close all executing VI's.


This could solve the problem of "running Modal VI's" which can "block" an execution.


This could also be helpfull to "clear" the execution context when you have bad closed "detached and assynchonous executing VI's".


The top, would be to get a report (a list of VI's in a window) of the forced closed VI's ... It would be helpfull for analysis.
Active Participant



My idea would not be able to kill the "Blocked modal VI's", because when a modal VI is running,

the LabView menuItems are also unreachable !


But the "close all running VI's" could be helpful, during the application development process, to kill all pending

"asynchronous running Vi's" ... due to bad application cleanup.

(It could replace the "Close Labview" and then "Close all running VI's") 



Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

This seems pretty close to this -


Also, look at the comments there for an existing solution.

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