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New additions in instr.lib folder to be defaulted to read-only

Status: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined.



Is it possible that the contents within the instr.lib to be defaulted to read-only every time LabVIEW launches? VIs that is drag-drop from the pallet onto block diagram is currently modifiable and may cause unintentional code modifications, especially due to the 'save all' function and hasty/improper shutdown. The extend of the damage may be inherited over time.


Also propose to default modified instr.lib VIs saves to be in active project folder instead of the instr.lib.


Hope to see these features in future versions.

Knight of NI

I would call this a duplicate: "Save All" needs a soft barrier to prevent accidental use

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Proven Zealot

Honestly this is something each driver manufacturuer can do.  Our internal reuse library does something similar.  It locks every VI before putting in a package.  Then when you drop the VI on your palette you can open it and see it but it is locked.  There is no password so someone could unlock it and edit it, but it atleast is some kind of warning that they shouldn't be messing around in there.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined.

DNatt, NI