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New LabVIEW Installation Retains Options

Status: New

When installing a new version of LabVIEW, I always find myself resetting all of the options I previously changed from the default settings in the Tools -> Options menu. This means I have to spend my time remembering what options I changed and where in the Options menu I need to change them. It would be nice if a newer installation of LabVIEW looked at the older version's Options settings and then applied those settings to the new installation.


The same idea applies to how I configure the palettes on the block diagram. It would be nice if newer installations looked at how I configure my palettes and then set them up the same way. 


With these changes transitioning to a newer version of LabVIEW might be even more seamless for users that change their settings from the default settings. 


Woah,   NI have entirely removed the section titled Copying Environment Settings from a Previous Version of LabVIEW from the 2013 LabVIEW Upgrade Notes    !!


This makes me concerned that simply copying your prior ini file and overwriting the latest labview.ini file could cause problems.  I always wondered how LabVIEW coped with that because there will always be new entries in the file which if aren't re-generated would get lost forever.

Peter Badcock
Product Development
ResMed Ltd.
Knight of NI

I've never had issues with just copying my old ini file over.  Anything that LabVIEW needs will be autogenerated and any new options will be in the options window.

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 In addition to this I would also suggest this:

Option to migrate VIs installed in a previous version LabVIEW