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Need radix display to be available on rings and enums when the digital display is visible

It's not a BUG it's a FEATURE.... that's why I have to present it here.


When the digital display is visible on a ring or enum, the option to display the radix should be present. I can't tell if a displayed value of "401" is hex or decimal without looking at the display representation...


OK, I give - I vote that this is a BUG.

1 Comment
Proven Zealot

The visualization of radix came after the introduction of setting the radix, and the customer request to be able to visualize it was specifically on the numeric text box. Works as designed, so it's not a bug. :-)


You'd like this feature extended to other controls. That's a more than reasonable request.


I doubt that we tackle anything like this in the LabVIEW 20xx platform, but I will leave the idea open and see what kudos it accumulates. I will flag your idea for LabVIEW NXG where we are doing most of our control redesign work these days.