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Need a Way to Exit LabVIEW Code if a MODAL Window is Accidentally Open(ed)

Status: New


If code is running and one happens to leave a modal VI open, or opens a modal VI in the middle of a running piece of code, then the LabVIEW environment freezes-up and dis-allows any interaction with the code. It will be great to have a set of Key Strokes to re-set the code if this happens. The only way that I know of now is to hit [ALT + CTL + DEL] and killing the LabVIEW process. This ends up loosing unsaved work and requires a restart of LabVIEW.




Anthony L.

Knight of NI

This is directly related to this idea. See the discussion for a solution.


(I would file this idea as duplicate)

LabVIEW Champion. It all comes together in GCentral GCentral
What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??

If the window is an error dialog or something like that, you can try to press "Ctrl + . " (abort VI) and then press "return".

Maybe you have to repeat this.


In many cases the dialog will close and the Shortcut will then be sent to LabVIEW.


But this is only a workaround.

Active Participant

I don't think it's a duplicate. It may be a pared down, more specific version of that other idea.





I appreciate the comments and suggested work-arounds. Ideally I think the LabVIEW environment itself should provide developers with full control during design and development, or debug run-time, to recover from such a situation --whose cause is fully known. The frustration that this modal window issue causes is unecessary.


Anthony L.




Darren posted a work-around once that is pretty neat.


The code is p/w-protected for some reason, maybe it has something to do with scripting or private properties that wasn't available to the public in 2008.


The problem with modal windows are that they are... modal. And should be, even in the development environment. Darrens solution is to open something "even more" modal that can stop the now slightly less modal window.




Edit: Sorry Altenbach, realised that i duplicated your comment.


I feel for you all in this situation! Just happend to me again.


this post is also related:

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