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Status: New

Yup,  Upgrading LabVIEW versions takes a day.


The "Process" today is:

  • Install from media
  • Configure the new LabVIEW.ini
  • install tookits (OpenG, Deploy, VIPM, TSVNtk.....)
  • Mass Compile all them......
  • Fix palatte views... and import and mass compile User.lib\ for here.....
  • Sync glyphs on the icon editor (If the link works......)
  • Add VIT's
  • Add Project Templates
  • Mass compileVIt's and Templates
  • fix "Metadata.xml"...



Yup, about a day of watching paint dry...........mass compiling, ignoring warnings etc......

"MyLabVIEW" would find all of those customizations and import them to the new version!

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
Active Participant

Not to mention any vi.lib edits (such as changing default Accessors to be called Get/Set instead of Read/Write).

Proven Zealot

Is there an exhaustive list of what such an implementation would need to take account of?


It would be majorly cool even if the list of modules to install could be selected from a file created from a previous installation.


Even more impressive would be keeping a snapshot up to date of a current installation allowing to clone that environment on a new PC at any time.


The possibilities are endless.... Kudos.

Active Participant

Try adding LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA to the list, if you also use these. We're now talking about 2 days.


As I recently had my laptop crash and got the joy of installing 5 versions of LabVIEW back to back, I would really have enjoyed this. Is is me or is it ironic that the spell checker on here flags LabVIEW as misspelled?

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If you like the idea, then be sure to click on the Kudos button to register your vote for it!

Knight of NI

A link to help define the essential MyLabVIEW requirements


Feel free to post your My-Options

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
Proven Zealot

I'm sure you already know of this solution I'm going to suggest, but others may not. 


I have made the install process a little less painful.  I have combined the 3 developer suite DVDs, the additional FPGA tools, and device drivers into one folder.  So there isn't disk swapping when installing.  I just choose the products to install and say "go".


Secondly I make a VIPC using VIPM which contains all the OpenG packages I want, and all the internal reuse packages I want.  This means no download time and just one file to click and tell VIPM to install.


One of the internal reuse packages installs quick drop shortcuts and other functions.


One of the internal reuse packages configures LabVIEW.ini to have the palette shown the way most developers like.  It also does other settings like labels on the left for controls right for indicators, setting terminals not as icons, etc.


One of the internal reuse packages installs extra glyphs for the icon editor.


One of the internal reuse packages installs templates and example projects.


This means all I do is choose the products to install, then install the VIPC.  These two steps aren't fast by any means but having no need for human intervention other then these two steps makes the process much faster.  I'd say I can setup a PC with LabVIEW, FPGA, Device Drivers, and have it setup the way I want in 3 hours while I work on other things, go to lunch, or go home.

Active Participant

I believe this is a duplicate of the following posts, even though you list more items to be automatically configured.


Don't hold your breath to see this done anytime soon. I suggested it first a little over four years ago after having the same day you described above, and still nothing.



I would not limit this suggestion only to upgrading. Having an opportunity to move such "personal adjustments" between computers would be nice.

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