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Multiple Search Result Windows

Multiple search result windows should be allowed, such as the results of a search can be retained when you need to run a second or third search for something else before you have finished checking the results of the previous search.


Currently the results of a search are lost immediatelly as soon as you search for something else.


This has been a major nuisance for me, especially when I am investigating code and (for example) I want to check all instances of a VI (say 20 instances) but during this process I also need to search for something else.


Currently your options would be to either NOT search for something else before you have finished checking all instances of the VI you searched for, or search for that "something else" and loose the previous search results. After you have found what you were looking for in the second search, go back and search again for that VI. Then in the results list, try to figure out which instances of that VI you had already checked! .... 😞



Active Participant

Yes, thank you. Sorry about the duplication. Not sure why I didn't spot that the idea was already submitted I searched for it.

Proven Zealot