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Multi Monitor Display Issues in Dev Environment

Status: Declined

Moved to Bug database: Bug 351390

Currently when using 3 monitors in a "V" shape (and possibly other configurations), pop-up menus in the development environment do not display in the proper locations. This makes finding and selecting items difficult as they are sometimes off-screen - especially with the windows maximized. See attached examples.  



Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Moved to Bug database: Bug 351390

DNatt, NI
Active Participant

The dialogue window to validate the type definitions values that LabVIEW cannot update on its own doesn't open when triggered on any other monitor than the main one and freezes everything in the process. Work around to avoid killing LabVIEW is to hover over the Win10 taskbar icons and close the type def update window. Probably alt + tab might work also.

Proven Zealot

I got this problem once (on one system), and noticed it only appeared when floating windows where open.


Without open probe\palette windows, it worked (no bug), with a probe\palette it didn't (bug). Didn't dwell on it too long back then, YMMV.

Active Participant

Just encountered the problem again. No palettes/probes or any floating windows opened and the window only opens correctly from main monitor. Then i decided to play a little more and found out that the review and update type def dialogue opens fine as long as it is from the main monitor or any monitors right of it. Not working from monitor on top of main or left of it.