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Missing Software Pop Up

Hello LabVIEW Experts,


I thought of this recently when I was setting up a test computer.  I started up my LabVIEW project file and opened up my host VI only to find that I had some broken wires... DOH!  After looking over MAX and googling a few error codes, I found that the test machine I had didn't have RT installed.  That's when it hit me, wouldn't it be great if the VI would have recognized that I was trying to connect to a cRIO chassis and gave me a little pop up telling me what software I was missing and where to get it?  Sure would have made my day easier.



NI Employee

Sounds like a duplicate of LabVIEW should tell me what toolkits, modules, and drivers are required for a VI.  It's a slightly different situation, but I'd say it counts as a duplicate

-- Mike
Example Gatekeeper
Status changed to: Duplicate