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Mechanism for Accessing DVR Data from Control/Indicator/Wire

Status: New

I often work with DVRs, usually using typdefs or classes for the underlying data.


It's a serious pain to access the typdef or class from the DVR itself (control, indicator, or wire).  There's no option for accessing this through the menu, and I often find myself dropping code in my block diagram to output the data type, then right-clicking on the data type and then from that menu opening the typdef or class.


The request: add a menu option for "Open Data Type Def." or "Show Data Class Library" to directly access the underlying type if it's a type def or class. This menu option could be exposed on wires, controls, and indicators.





Knight of NI

In the mean time, you can right-click on the DVR ref and choose "Show Control".  From there, you can access the data type.

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Woah... deserve more kudos than the 1 I'm able to give you!


I had no idea that feature existed.  And I've been working with DVRs for a while., short of life-changing, but... will safe future me hours of annoyance!

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If you still find you want that menu item, you can make your own shortcut menu plugin:

LabVIEW Shortcut Menu Plug-Ins - NI Community


Note that crossrulz's trick also works for queues, notifiers and user events.