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Make window scroll bars reflect actual contents of window...

This drives me crazy...  I've noticed that if I have some code on my block diagram (or controls on my front panel) the scroll bars indicate that there is more stuff outside the view of the window that can't be seen.  It would be nice if the scroll bars only activated if there was actually code outside of the screen to be found.  Every time I see this, my OCD kicks in and makes me try to move my diagram to show the hidden code, only to realize that LabVIEW is just messing with me...


Of course an image is worth 1024 words..



Trusted Enthusiast

Personally I think it is just too easy to add space to the BD.  That is why I posted the idea to stop the endless mouse wheel scrolling.  I like the final point I reached in the comments of that idea, scrolling (by any means) should stop when the content bounds meets one of the grid lines in a "rule of thirds" grid (ie. 2/3 white space horizontal and vertical).  I also hate the runaway train of whitespace due to a drop-through click coming out of a right-click menu...


What I would really like is the ability to specify a fixed BD size, much like you set a document size in most graphics programs.  It gives natural scrolling boundaries in all cases, and provides a bit of a potential barrier to adding more room (maybe a pain at first, but I think helpful long term).

Proven Zealot

Looking at my Excel inspiration, it does not seem that they do anything special to indicate that you can go further beyond the scroll bar. Anyone familiar with Excel would probably be able to pick up on it. 

That would be ideal. Add the kudos from this post tooSmiley Happy