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Make properties and methods of localised/translated LabVIEW versions switchable to English language



we are working with the german localised LabVIEW version. Properties and methods have been translated into the localised language (I think this is done in other localised versions auf LabVIEW, too). It is difficult to get support in english written LabVIEW-Forums etc. since we don't know the english name of the property/method. Sometimes it can be translated easily; but sometimes with abbreviations it becomes more difficult...


Implementing the option to switch the property and method names from translated to English language in the LabVIEW options could solve this problem.


Best regards


NI Employee

Disclaimer: This isn't a solution or even a good workaround. I also don't guarantee that this will always work Smiley Happy


I have one suggestion for finding out the English names of objects. If you browse a localized LabVIEW Help system posted on (e.g., you can tweak the URL of a particular page to quickly access the English version. For example, if you open the reference topic for a particular method-- switch the language part of the URL from de-XX to en-XX and the part number extension from -0113 to -01, you can access the English version--

Not particularly convenient, but I wanted to spread the tip anyway. Note that, IIRC, you'll only see search results within a localized help system if the region associated with your profile corresponds to the language you're searching.

Active Participant

For the English-speaking community this may seem a petty problem.

In our little office we have from the beginning decided to stick with the original english version of LV. So all our own work is done with the english layout. 


Doing consultancy work I would have many times wished to switch to my used look and feel and not have to search in the customers German version for Vis, properties etc.


It may be not so easy but please consider it, NI.



7.1 -- 2013
Active Participant
Same with me, Gabi. Kudo for your post.

this would be a big help in the everyday workSmiley Happy