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Make Type Def. should launch the new type def.

Status: New

The shortcut menu should launch the new type def.'s front panel when 'Make Type Def.' is selected. You will need to save it anyway, and if you find the need to edit it right away, then it is already open and ready to go.


make type def.jpg


I suggested this behaviour to an NI Engineer at a User Group Meeting about two years ago here in Germany. I don't remember his detailed justification, but I do remember that he told me that it's deliberately designed in the current manner.


...still I support your proposal 😉


I'm curious about the official LV R&D statement, though...

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

You can see some discussion on this topic in the comments to the original idea -

Try to take over the world!

I agree. If I don't immediately save the type def, I guarantee I won't remember why the editor is later asking me to save Control 3.ctl.


At least make front panel auto launch an option