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Make LabVIEW DPI aware to support high DPI screens and Windows scaling - Non blurry text and graphics

The LabVIEW UX is poor when using high DPI screens. I would agree that Windows is partly to blame initially, but there are newer design guidelines that solve this and they have been around for >3 years. The application should be DPI aware and act accordingly. For a > £4000 piece of software I expect more...


All of the text and graphics are blurry when it should be sharp with no end-user way to correct this.

Non Windows mouse cursors are tiny.


explorer_2017-08-08_13-21-59.pngSome of the blurry text and graphics highlighted in red. Notice how the title bar text and other Windows' applications are sharp.

Using LV2018 32 bit

Highly recommended open source screen capture software (useful for bug reports).
Knight of NI

This should be not an issue with NGX being vector based instead of bit map based graphics in classic LabVIEW.

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Status changed to: Already Implemented

LabVIEW Classic will continue to be bitmap-based graphics, but the issue is solved with the vector-based graphics of LabVIEW NXG.

DNatt, LV R&D