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Loop iteration indicator default name

Currently, if you create an indicator from the loop iteration terminal of a for or while loop, the indicator is by default called "Numeric."  However with every other control or indicator in LabVIEW, the default name of the control or indicator is called by whatever it was spawned from.  (For example, when you create a control from the stop terminal, the control is called "stop").  I believe the loop iteration indicator should follow in this pattern.
Proven Zealot
Agreed and as such we are anyway going to rename the label..
Trusted Enthusiast
It needs no introduction, but Probes for Loop Iteration would suffice for me. The nature of a loop iteration indicator for my purposes is almost exclusively troubleshooting. I'm going to delete it within minutes, so the name doesn't matter. But out of principle, it should be named correctly.
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The default names of controls created from the Loop Count and Number of Workers terminals are also "Numeric". If one is fixed, they should all be fixed.



If the loop has a label, it would be nice if that was included in the iteration. For example, if I have a loop labeled the 'Event Loop' the interation indicator should be 'Event Loop Interation'
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This is not a feature request, this is a bug-fix request...



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