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Labview application builder should be seperatley available for automatic building tools like JENKINS.

Status: New

As software versioning becomes more and more popular also the automatic building of source code becomes more and more interesting.


Right now in our company we are using GIT and JENKINS for C-code material as our versioning and automatic build tool. As soon there is something being checked in and pushed to the main repository the builder gets notified and tries to build your source code having the output available somewhere.


As we are having many users around the globe these tools obviously run on a virtual machine or server somewhere.


Right now there is no option in buying the application builder seperatley and control it via command line. The only option is to put a complete development environment on there which is useless and a waste of money.


My request would be to sell the application builder seperatley for these purposes OR figure out an alternative way for doing this in a professional and neat way.


some usefull links: