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LabVIEW version alert

When you try to open VI saved with later version of LabVIEW, you get this error :

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But when you open VIs in a given version with a later version of LabVIEW, you have no information and that could cause big problems.

For many reasons I have to work with different versions of LabVIEW (right now I have 8.6, 2010,2011 installed at the same time), and it's a major problem when I open a project and by mistake choose the wrong version of LabVIEW.


Someone proposed to display a saving selection popup Here

But when you have already made some modifications, it's enoying to discover that you won't be able to save it.

I propose instead to display a message when opening a VI, and let the user chosse either he want to upgrade is VI version or not.

At least he can see his mistake and decide to open the VI with the good version of LabVIEW.




This is so annoying.

I would love for the Pop-up to have a button for each version of LV installed (that actually can open the VI) so I can select what version to open the VI with.



Knight of NI

The ideal solution would be LabVIEW that is both forward & backward compatible... but that's not going to happen.. Smiley Wink


I agree that this is annoying. Other than the proposed idea, I do not know what other way there is to prevent someone from opening a VI or project from an older version into a newer version..  Maybe have the popup message selectable in the options, so that you don't see the message all the time if you simply intend to update to the latest version.


Kudos.. Smiley Happy

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This idea has already been proposed a few times.


Wrong LabVIEW version alert

Warning when saving in LabVIEW later Version

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You linked the wrong idea under dupe... you linked a warning when saving but the OP talk about a warning when opening a vi... should be: Link from RavensFan's post

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Status changed to: Duplicate