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Keyboard shortcuts or palette for align, distribute and resize objects tools

Status: New

With small front panels (in X dimension), Align Objects, Distribute Objects and Resize Objects (in the toolbar) are outside the visible part of the front panel.


This makes the alignement/distribution/resizing a little bit longer :

  1. Resize the front panel to make the tools visible
  2. Make the alignement/distribution/resizing
  3. Restore the size of the front panel
Keyboard shortcuts or even better a specific palette (like Controls or Tools palette) would avoid these additional steps.
Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast
Obviously the same applies to small diagrams.
Active Participant
Yes Please.  Not only just for small windows but so I don't have to move my mouse all over the place.  I am constantly aligning things and having to move all over the screen to get to where the options are. 
Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

I like the idea of a "reshape" palette.

Active Participant

No extra palettes please! It clutters the screen and still means mouse movement. Keyboard shortcuts for allignment at least.




CLA, CTA, CLED & LabVIEW Champion

If hot keys then add them to a menu (the bar and/or popup). One day I spent too much time and other people's effort to figure out where Ungroup was because it was not in the menu. Thus adding to context menu would be the most convenient.

Active Participant
Active Participant

There is a QuickDrop pluging for alignment: