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Install LabVIEW API ONLY for NI Drivers

Status: New


Many times, the bulk of LabVIEW development happens on computers that will never interface with hardware. A dozen engineers may be collaborating on code that will ultimately run on a dedicated machine somewhere, that is connected. Yet, as things currently are, I have to install more than I need on my development machine to get access to API VIs. If I am working on my laptop on an application with DAQ, RF, Spectrum analyzer, etc. components, I have to choose to either download and install all of that, or deal with missing VIs and broken arrows. This seems needless, since my particular machine will never actually interface with the hardware.



I would like to have the option to install only the LabVIEW VIs and ignore the driver itself. In many, if not most cases, the LabVIEW API could be independent of driver version. It could install very quickly, since it would just be a set of essentially no-op VIs. I don't care that the VIs would do nothing. They would just be placeholders for my development purposes. This would allow me to have full API access to develop my code without having to carry around large driver installations that I will never actually use.

Wes Pierce
Senior Systems Engineer

This would be awesome - but it would be double awesome if it's agnostic to driver version.


Today, my list of biggest headaches as a LabVIEW developer includes either maintaining a fleet of virtual machines or constantly un-re-installing the entire NI stack because I need to increment or decrement a driver version. 

Andrew Heim
Systems Engineer
Trusted Enthusiast

This would also be nice for "machines" that don't/can't install the full drivers.

See my 7-minute presentation at the GLA Summit for discussion of this regarding Docker instances - many drivers can't be installed there, but you can fudge this enough to get the API available and build applications/libraries.

If the API was explicitly separate from the driver backend, then this would be much easier and the 'fudge' would be unrequired. As a workaround, you could see if fudging your installations in the same way could get you a reduced installation size (but I'd guess it's more pain that it's worth on 'real' computers that can install the full driver software).

Trusted Enthusiast

And if this could be a simulation environment in which we can plug in simulations like DAQmx modules it would be the best we can wish to have as a development system.

greetings from the Netherlands