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Index on "arrayable" clusters

Status: New

Didn't see this suggested yet, sorry if it was.


LabVIEW is smart enough to know if a cluster is "arrayable". If it is, it can be converted to an array.


It would be nice if "arrayable" clusters could be auto-indexed on for/while loops.


I have an instance right now were I would really benefit from auto-indexing but I still need unbundle by name in other sections of code.

Arrayable Cluster.PNG

1 Comment
Knight of NI

Why would you want to keep your data in such a cluster in the first place? It prevents scaleability. Also, inserting a "cluster to array" before the FOR loop seems like a small price to pay for the convenience and is thus a viable and trivially simple workaround. I don't think we need this.

To keep the universe in balance, implementation of this idea would also require a similar treatment for indexing output tunnels? How would you enfoce the fixed size requirement for the resulting cluster?

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