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Increment label ending in numeral when copying control

Status: New

The idea is simple: if the label ends in a number (i.e. consecutive string of numeric characters), increment that number:


Control auto numbering.png


It seems like it only works if there is a space character. If there is a good reason for doing it that way, help me understand what it is.


I linked some similar ideas below. I like these discussions for the most part, but they tend to have broader scopes than what I'm suggesting.

Active Participant

The actual behavior is annoying. The expected behavior would save lot of time, specially when you have tons of FP elements that you want to copy.

I really support this.

Active Participant

Ran into this today. Super annoying.

Stephen B
Active Participant

In to*

Stephen B
Active Participant

This idea is seven years old and it's still considered "new"? Today I had to make a UI with 200 indicators, numbered 1-200. I hate LabVIEW UIs.


LabVIEW versions 5.0 - 2020

“All programmers are optimists”
― Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Proven Zealot

>Today I had to make a UI with 200 indicators, numbered 1-200. I hate LabVIEW UIs.


That's a 2 minute VI Server solution! I love LabVIEW for that...