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Incorporate UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0 In System UI Palette

Status: New

As discussed here, please incorporate the System Controls 2.0 UI elements into core LabVIEW. This would eliminate the need to visit VIPM to obtain the full functionality of the System UI control palette. System Controls 2.0 is not an additional UI style, rather it is the partial completion of the original System controls palette.


Including these controls in the default installation would allow the merging of these two palette entries for those that use the System controls for UI development.





Proven Zealot

I'm not familiar with these controls. (I could get familiar, but this might interest others as well. Not being lazy.). Please enlighten me.


Are these controls different under the hood then standard controls? Or are they customizations of the regular controls? For instance, the System Boolean (6 images) is different from the normal Boolean (4 images). There is no way that anyone but NI could have made this change.


Are there, besides the obvious cosmetics, features that these controls add?


As far as obvious cosmetics, the controls themselves adopt the system appearance. So between Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. they should look or be styled similar to native controls. As a consequence of this, it means that applications developed using these controls should make the application look more like a native application, in contrast to the Classic, Modern, Silver controls which all have a pronounced border decoration applied to them.


What do you consider "normal" or "standard" controls?

Proven Zealot

Can I go from any of the already available controls (normal) to these new controls with customize controls? Or is there more in them that couldn't be done by anyone but NI?


I'm trying to figure out if this is a set of cosmetic changes to existing controls or that they add something that is currently impossible?


Guess you already answered this. They adapt in a way, and nobody but NI could have made these controls.


The System controls have been around for a long time. System 2.0 (from VIPM) is an extension of the original set to include clusters, arrays, graphs, etc. They don't have any unique functionality as far as I know. You can do a replace on any equivalent UI control from the System package without issue.