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Include the Vision Utilities currently installed with NI-IMAQ in the LabVIEW Installation

Status: New

The Vision Utilities are currently installed with either the Vision Acquisition Software, Vision Development Module, or NI-IMAQ.  Since NI-IMAQ is a free download that anyone can install and deploy without any additional licensing it makes sense to include it in the LabVIEW installer.


The Vision Utilities provide superior image management , are owned by NI-Vision (meaning they are actively developed), and best of all are free.  Including the Vision Utilities in the LabVIEW installation will expand their exposure and use.  Below you'll see the first three results returned when one seraches for IMAQ on and sorts by examples.  In addition to the examples shown below you can find a list of all the VIs currently included for free in NI-IMAQ here.


Region of Interest Spotlighting With IMAQ Functions                

Spotlight front panel.png 


Semitransparent IMAQ Overlay

Front Panel.png


IMAQ Skew Image


Active Participant

What an easy way to increase the LabVIEW feature list, without any R&D effort (and currently only available to those in the know!).

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

And increase exposure will result in increased feedback on their (missing) (")features(")...

Knight of NI

Isn't it already included on the Device Drivers DVD? You aren't suggesting that it get automatically installed, are you? Why would that get installed and not any of the other hardware drivers?

Active Participant

"Isn't it already included on the Device Drivers DVD?"

It is included in the Device Drivers DVD alongside the the other two components in the Vision Acquisition Software.  Even if the VAS is not activated the components that are installed with NI-IMAQ will remain available for use.   If this is common knowledge then including the Vision Utilities else where may not be necessary, but anecdotal evidence suggest many are not aware of the availability of these tools.


"You aren't suggesting that it get automatically installed, are you?"

I agree that including additional components for automatic installation should not be taken lightly.  It is my opinion that the Vision Utilities provide sufficient utility to be considered for automatic installation.


"Why would that get installed and not any of the other hardware drivers?"

Because the Vision Utilities don't require hardware to be useful.  I believe that many applications that require image management that don't use vision acquisition hardware would benefit from the use of the Vision Utilities rather than other image management tools that have greater visibility.

Proven Zealot

What's the performance of these like and if it's good can we actually replace the 2-d picture control with this?


I can see wrapping some LVOOP code around draw objects would make this kind of cool seeing how transparency is supported.




PS Another question: Are these controls available on Linux and Mac?  If so cool, if not Booo.