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Include the Structured Error Handler (SEH) Express VI in the default pallets

Status: New

From the Structured Error Handler's page:

The Structured Error Handler (SEH) reference library provides tools for handling errors in an organized fashion. The SEH consists of a configurable Express VI that helps you handle specific errors, a communication mechanism for transmitting errors, a template for a central error handler, and various supporting VIs and utilities.

... and...

The Specific Error Handler is a configurable Express VI which allows you to configure common responses to an error.

It was mentioned in this thread that it would be a useful if it was installed with LabVIEW.  Here's a place to show our Express VI love.

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NI Employee

It has been discussed, and it is likely that LabVIEW will eventually include it or something like it, but probably not right away.  Right now, I'm still adding features to it (there should be a new version out sometime early next year that includes error logging and one or two other enhancements) and that gets more difficult once it becomes part of the product.  Glad that you like it though, and the fact that people are asking for it definitely increases our motivation to get it into the product.


Ryan King

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National Instruments

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One technical challenge currently exists that would make the proliferation of this Express VI undesirable: you cannot use the Source Only feature for VIs that contain an Express VI.

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how to get the SEH?