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Include foolproof shortcut to stop all running VIs and report which VIs were shut down

Status: New

It's not uncommon to accidentally leave a process hanging and to have a really hard time tracking it down.  Different folks seem to have made different "kill all VI" tools, but this should be a native LabVIEW feature supported by NI.  The tool should just work.  "Ctrl+." doesn't always work.  You should be able to push some shortcut that works even if you have a frozen modal dialog or whatever, and all running VIs are stopped, and log of which ones were stopped prints to the screen.


I'm still surprised this hasn't been prioritized as a feature.


  • Some form of this has been regularly requested on this forum (as seen by the various near-duplicates) for decades.
  • It's a painful issue to deal with, and it impacts all of us as some point or another.
  • It doesn't seem like it'd be that technically challenging to implement.

Seems like this would be pretty good ROI...

Knight of NI

This is mostly caused by clones, and AFAIK references to clones are not officially supported.


A big problem...