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Include developer tools in LabVIEW developer suite

Status: New

If you are going to call it a developer suite, put the developer tools in it. The following toolkits need to be added:

Of course this will increase the cost of the developer suite. I find it easier to convince my boss to approve a cost increase versus purchasing a new toolkit.

Knight of NI

The toolkits are already options for dev suite. Software Validation option and Requirements Management option.

Active Participant

It looks like the Software Validation would have most of what you need. My company uses the Automated Test option and using a packaged option does make maintenance contracts simpler (1 line item and price).


I need the Internet Toolkit and the ability to make .exes, but have no use for (or interest in) LabWindows or Measurement Studio.


I would gladly exchange these for one or two à la carte options and select the tools I want/need, such as VI Analyzer Toolkit or DETT. I feel like the CVI and Meas Studio options are the jumbo size drink and fries that I never wanted (or finish eating). Give me less (for less) or more value by letting me 'have it my way' (fast food jingle here).





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Developer Suite used to include VI Analyzer.  Then it was moved to an additional toolkit.  I resent the fact that a development tool I used every day was taken away from me and I have to pay another $1000+ to get it again.


it looks like everything except the NI requirements gateway has been included in the labview 2011 dev suite!!


can i deem this idea solved??