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Include Valid Signatures with File Downloads

Status: Declined

Not a LabVIEW idea. The issue has been reported to the NI web team.

To be honest, I am not entirely sure what that means. Only that my IT department says NI downloads do not have a valid signature and the firewall blocks them. Currently we are working through this "" , but I am not convinced the answer is there for us. I am able to download files from any website that I currently use here at work so I don't understand why NI downloads would have a problem. By the way, this is using the NI downloader or using manual download, neither method works. Using other browsers yeilds nothing either. Cruising the internet for similar problems came up with "Software Publisher’s Digital Certificate", is it possible NI's isn't valid or something?

Anyway, seeing as how internet security is just going to get tighter and firewalls more strict, I don't want hokey solution that will just break with another update. Anybody got an answer for this delima?


Knight of NI

If you are downloading from the forum, you should know that there is a longstading problem that certain page elements (e.g. some badges) load via http even if the page is https. that could be part of the problem.


Maybe your company blocks doanloads from such pages.

LabVIEW Champion. It all comes together in GCentral GCentral
What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??

Forum downloads work fine, both files and the embeded vis. The regular file downloads ARE blocked by my IT department, we just want the better solution of acceptable file signatures rather than opening holes in the firewall. In reality my IT doesn't care a whole lot for my problems since this software is something I handle, not them. They don't want to deal with it if they can help it. I will keep going up the chain here if it comes to that though.... We make use of LabVIEW quite extensively in our lab and the need is growing. I really don't like not having easy access to critical downloads and such.

Proven Zealot

This is not a LabVIEW idea, so your post will probably get closed or moved, but I will pass the link along to someone in IT.


Yes, I thought it was the wrong forum also, but it was recommended by someone in NI Support. Of course I could not figure out where to post it - what forum is generic National Instruments? Not a specific product?

Proven Zealot

There isn't one that I know of.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Not a LabVIEW idea. The issue has been reported to the NI web team.

DNatt, NI