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Include 'VI Snippet' on the block diagram's toolbar

Status: New

A tool option on the  block diagram's toolbar, for creating 'VI Snippet' is very much desired. This is very similar to the 'snapshot' tool available in Adobe Reader software.


Provide option to create snippet on the tool bar

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I'll vote for this as long as you can override it to use the Code Capture Tool from LAVA. 😄

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This will enforce the necessity of this idea: Allow multiple toolbar button rows

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I agree with Jcarmody on this one.  The CCT is much better than the built-in VI snippet.  But I don't feel the need to have it on the toolbar.  It is an item while I use often enough when participating in the forums, the CCT is actually only one or two menu clicks away.  I don't use it so often that saving those couple menu clicks justifies eating up more toolbar space.

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I do use it often enough that it justified a custom menu shortcut in my ini and someday I'll get around to a QD shortcut for the CCT.


I'm not convinced that that menu bar would be the best solution for easier access since for many sub vis the item would simply be missing anyway with the bd sizes I commonly use.

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