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Include Events In Base Package

I did a search and did not find this. Hopefully it is not a dupe.


The event structure has become an almost integral part of LabVIEW programming. It should no longer be considered an advanced tool that is only needed in the full development system and higher. Events should be included in the base package. Maybe it means slightly increasing the cost of base and slightly decreasing the price of full. I don't know. But there should not be a LabVIEW that does not include the event structure. I own (my company owns) the development suite so I get nothing out of this. But if I were to buy my own copy I could almost see spending $1,249 but definately not $2,599. I am not going to spend over a grand for events and I am not going to program in LabVIEW without them either. So maybe someday, if this idea is accepted, I will get something out of it. And so will National Instruments.




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Nevermind. It is a dupe. I don't know why I didn't find it earlier.

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Laura F.
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