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Improve TabControls in order to handle resizing correctly ...



When you use TabControls in sizeable front panels,


you can only "Fit to pane" or "Scale object with pane"


to the tabcontrol itself !!!


But not for Its content ! Smiley Sad


Please handle the Tabpages as pane in order to be able to create userfriendly operator interfaces ! Smiley Happy


Thanks ...


TabPage Resize.png
Active Participant

Hello garrettmarsh,


Thanks for your link.

I know their are many ideas like this ... even one of mine


But i have this need every day !!!


So i try to influence Other users in order to push LabVIEW to the right way ...


I think that LabVIEW is a bit poor about docking, anchoring, layout ... in comparison with other langages. (.net, Java, ... )

But i am a LabVIEW Fan anyway.

Active Participant


Check out ClampOn CAN Monitor on the LabVIEW Tools Network.

I completely agree - this is a feature that LabVIEW sorely needs. I find it useful to link related ideas for any interested readers because they usually contain a lot of relevant discussion.


Anyway, kudos!

Example Gatekeeper
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