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Implicit consideration for Index in In Place Element Structure

Status: New

Please implicitly consider array index during index / replace elements in In Place Elements Structure if I am starting from Index 0


Present method:


Expected method:
image (1).png


[admin edit 2021-02-24]: placed images in-line with text and removed them as attachments

Proven Zealot

Here are the images, you we don't all need to download, open and delete them:



Proven Zealot

I edited the idea to include the images in-line with the text.

DNatt, NI
Active Participant

Yes! Parity with Index Array would be most welcome.


I'd also expect to be able to wire a 3 to the first index terminal and leave the rest unwired to get indices 3, 4, 5, ...

Chris Virgona
Proven Zealot

Wait, what? They don't?

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Index is currently a required input for for index/replace in In Place Element Structures, unfortunately. @Yamaeda

Proven Zealot

I'm adding my kudos to this idea. I wish that had been done originally.