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Implement full support for fixed-size arrays in Labview/LabviewRT

Status: New

It is many times easiest to work with data in the form of an array.  Also helpful in many situations to use arrays inside of clusters.  This is a problem when working with functions that require a data type to be a fixed size since they don't accept the combination.  I'm asking for full support for fixed-size arrays in Labview and LabviewRT.


See example problems attached.  Also open to other ideas as long as they are similarly elegant and easy to use.  Also please correct me if I haven't shown the simplest workarounds, etc.




(also possible this is a bug but seems to be a missing feature)


Whoops.  Forgot about using a simple type cast.  That simplifies much of the problem but still involves extra coding.  Still seems easier to use fixed size arrays.  And they would be useful for type enforcement, etc.


Simpler workaround.png

Proven Zealot

I would actually add the ability to define fixed length strings to this argument.

Trusted Enthusiast

I'd like if on RT you could just define a fixed size array, the same way you can for FPGA. This would elemenate the need for the extra "number of elements" terminal when creating the FIFO (which I always forget to wire up the first time around).