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Implement More than 14 User Ideas in the Next Version of Labview

Status: Declined

This post does not pertain to a specific feature request.

According to this document only 14 ideas from the idea exchange were implemented in LabView 2010.This is a fantastic start.


There are at least 100 more great ideas on the Idea Exchange that should be implemented in the next version of LabView. Keep listening to the users. Keep improving LabView in every way.


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As has been publically stated in several places, including the NI Week keynote, there will be very few new features in the LV 2011 release. We are focusing on stability, performance and existing feature integration for LV 2011, per the request of many of our customers who are still absorbing the awe-inspiring number of features delivered since LV 8.2. Of the few features that do get added, nearly all of them will be ideas from the Idea Exchange, but it will be a smaller number than 2010, not a larger number. Besides, although there are many great ideas on the forums, many of the best are well beyond the scope of a single release of LabVIEW, and we do have a group of developers quietly making progress on some of your bigger dreams.

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The number is probably higher than 14 - it's just that only 14 ideas have been credited as coming from the idea exchange.


One of my ideas - the implementation of subVI inlining - is among those who were left out of the credits list - perhaps because NI was already working on it when it was proposed  or because others as well as myself proposed it directly to NI many years earlier.


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> perhaps because NI was already working on it when it was proposed


Yes. We decided that anything that was already being developed at the time it was posted to the Idea Exchange was left off the official list of "Things We Did In Response To Our Customers"... we didn't want to claim to be "responding to customers" for anything that we would have done even if the Idea Exchange didn't exist.

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Status changed to: Declined

This post does not pertain to a specific feature request.

DNatt, NI